PRP Hair Root Treatment

A gentle treatment with your own blood to prevent hair loss

A full head of healthy hair is a sign of vitality and youth. Hair problems, such as hair loss or thin, fine hair, may diminish a person’s physical appearance and even pose a psychological burden by negatively impacting their self-esteem. To stimulate natural hair growth, we offer our patients the PRP hair root treatment. Using the patient’s own blood, this process supplies hair roots with valuable nutrients and growth factors to stimulate hair growth and boost cell regeneration on the scalp.   

What does PRP stand for?

PRP stands for “platelet-rich plasma,” concentrated, enriched blood from the patient’s own body. 

What happens during a PRP treatment?

Prior to the treatment, we take a small amount of blood from the patient and prepare it in the laboratory using a special procedure so that only the concentrated, enriched blood plasma remains. The plasma is injected directly into the hair root using the finest gauge needles. This plasma is particularly rich in platelets, i.e. thrombocytes, and contains high amounts of growth factors and proteins. Each treatment takes about 45 minutes, and long-term results can be achieved with three or four treatments given at intervals of two to four months. After this, we recommend an annual refresher. The sooner a patient begins such treatments, the more successful the treatments will be. If possible, six days prior to the treatment, patients should stop taking aspirin, Voltarol, ibuprofen or similar painkillers, as well as medication for rheumatism, as these inhibit the vitality of the blood platelets. Otherwise, the treatment will be less effective.

Valuable nutrients support sustained hair growth

Anyone suffering from hair loss can stimulate their hair to grow naturally. If the PRP mixture is specifically injected into the affected areas, hair loss can be halted in the long term and hair will regain its former thickness. 

Study results

80% of all men and women participating in the study reported that the treatment improves hair thickness, hair loss and itching of the scalp.  


The serious risks caused by a PRP treatment to prevent hair loss are minimal. As the procedure uses the patient’s own blood, the treatment is well tolerated and allergic reactions are extremely rare. However, for reasons of caution, we do not offer our PRP treatment to anyone with HIV or hepatitis, or to pregnant women. If you have acute inflammation of the scalp, we advise against the PRP treatment. The treatment itself is slightly painful, which is why we apply an anesthetic ointment first.

Benefits of the therapy

The procedure is particularly gentle and well tolerated by patients and improves the supply of nutrients to the hair roots. It is becoming increasingly evident that an adequate supply of nutrients is conducive to the regeneration of hair follicle cells. If this supply of nutrients to the hair follicles is increased, hair growth is stimulated and the hair will grow thicker and fuller. Multiple treatments will improve the overall effect. This treatment requires no downtime from the patients, who can resume their normal activities right away.