Non-surgical facelift

"The good thing about a non-operative facelift is that we can maintain the individual, natural characteristics and structures of a face rather than pull it backwards and change its whole expression."

What is a non-surgical facelift?

A facelift without surgery is also known as a liquid lift. This term refers to all treatments involving liquid or gel-like substances that are injected into the face for a visibly lifted, rejuvenated effect. Different injection techniques can be used to smooth facial features.

The natural aging process—loss of tone and droopy features make us appear older than we are

We all age, and over time, our facial features also gain more character. Our goal is to help you grow old beautifully. It’s all about maintaining the right balance of natural aging while emphasizing your uniqueness, using our rejuvenation treatments. It’s not just wrinkles that make a face look older. When we are young, our faces look fresh, full, even and soft. The body produces more hyaluronic acid, which binds moisture, fills the body’s cells under the skin with water and keeps them elastic. Subcutaneous fatty tissue stored mainly on the cheeks and chin, acts as an additional cushion and gives the face its youthful volume and appearance.

As we age, the skin loses its overall firmness and elasticity and the fullness of our skin tissue decreases or shifts. The face no longer looks toned and firm. During the natural aging process, hyaluronic acid production slows down, as does the moisturizing and volume-increasing effect. The underlying skin also loses fatty tissue and remaining fat deposits shift due to gravity. Cheeks start to sag, ‘puppet’ wrinkles are formed and the area under the eyes looks sunken. The former heart shape of a youthful face is reversed, the original facial proportions change and shadows and lines emerge and stand in the way of our unique charm. This is the stage when many people start to look for possible therapies to achieve a lifting effect and may also consider a surgical facelift.

Liquid lift versus surgical lift

Liquid lifts looks much more natural than surgical ones. A surgical facelift might temporarily alleviate wrinkles by tautening the skin, but it also changes the proportions and shapes of the face at the same time. In the worst case the face ends up looking ‘stretched’ and dramatically changes the patient’s look. In the following years unnatural horizontal wrinkles often appear where the surgery has pulled the skin back. These days, surgical facelifts are often not necessary; liquid lifts often achieve much more natural and better results. They also eliminate the risks of a general anesthetic and dramatically reduce subsequent recovery time. So the liquid lift is not only ahead of the surgical facelift as far as the gentleness of the procedure is concerned, but also has more natural results: a surgical facelift only tightens the skin, regardless of facial contours at a young age, while the liquid lift restores the youthful, fresh, full shape of the face.

The gentle, non-surgical option

Meanwhile, there are an impressive number of ways to tighten and rejuvenate the face in a completely non-invasive, non-surgical way (and therefore also without any of the associated risks, complications and side effects). A doctor experienced in the field of anti-wrinkle treatment can take years off your face by skillfully injecting fillers in different strengths, such as non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid and Botulinum toxin A.

Non-surgical facelift: Treating wrinkles—restoring volume

Dr. Barbara Sturm has developed a special type of liquid lift, called the Scaddle lift, in which dermal filler is introduced into the skin using a very special technique. The perfect way to gently restore youthful freshness and fullness to your face without having to resort to the scalpel. The Scaddle lift improves the structure of the skin, tightens, smoothes wrinkles and—essential for the rejuvenating effect—the restored volume gives the face back its youthful contours. This makes it look well balanced and provides an overall youthful appearance.

To achieve this, selected substances (such as hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite) are liberally injected under the skin. Your face is given a new fullness and lines and wrinkles are also smoothed. Light and thin hyaluronic acids are used in slightly sunken areas to treat volume losses. During the aging process volume is lost in the face – this is replaced with fillers. This rejuvenates the contours and proportions. As a pleasing side effect, static wrinkles are minimized. With Dr. Sturm’s treatment technique, the focus is more on the balanced and natural-looking restoration of youthful facial features (recontouring) rather than simply on the maximum smoothing of the face and wrinkle reduction. By filling out the skin in the right places with hyaluronic acid or the cosmetic filler Radiesse®, the face looks even, firm and naturally rejuvenated.

Additional use of Botox®

In addition, it is often advisable to combine the Scaddle lift with Botox® treatment. The Botox® lift effectively relaxes the muscles responsible for expression-related wrinkles while the Scaddle lift provides volume and restores youthful contours that have been lost or become less prominent due to aging.

At what age is a liquid lift recommended?

The answer depends on the individual. A liquid lift can be suitable for younger patients suffering from premature skin aging.

The gentle facelift option to combat the first signs of premature aging and sagging

At the first sign of loss of tone and smaller wrinkles, which often begin to appear in our mid-30s, a mini Scaddle lift can be performed with a small volume of filler. This achieves a very gentle and light lifting and refreshing effect. Lines disappear and tired eyes are brought back to life. Scaddle lifts with light, non-cross-linked hyaluronic acids, suitable for patients for whom a mesolift is not enough but for whom a wide-ranging treatment would be too soon.

Higher volume boost for pronounced wrinkles and contour changes

If you have prominent wrinkles, volume loss, and/or facial shadows, you should aim to build up volume during your treatment. To achieve this, thicker dilutions are used in larger quantities. Thicker fillers can, for example, restore volume to the cheeks again and lift and refresh tired eyes. High-volume fillers can also counteract sunken temples, a sagging chin or jawbone area. The thicker the hyaluronic acids, the more effective and longer-lasting the lifting effect will be.

What substances are used?

The substances and needle sizes vary depending on age, genetic predisposition and skin quality and are individually selected.

We only treat our patients with reputable, non-animal products of the highest quality, which are all biosynthetically manufactured. The structure of the hyaluronic acids is almost identical to the body’s own. The difference is that the administered hyaluronic acids are broken down much more slowly by the body, and the result is longer lasting.

RADIESSE® cosmetic filler consists of small calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres suspended in a gel-like solution. Calcium hydroxyapatite is a natural component of human tissue and can be found in our teeth and bones.

For the injections a special high-tech cannula is used, the so-called pix’L needle, which is flexible and glides through the tissue in a particularly gentle and pain-free way. This reduces the risk of bruising. The blunt, flexible tip of the pix’L needle also stimulates the tissue to form new collagen fibers.

The treatment

Taking blood-thinning medication (e.g. aspirin) can increase the risk of bruising in the areas where the needle is inserted. Therefore, it’s important to avoid taking aspirin for up to 10 days before the treatment. Please do not stop taking any prescribed medications without consulting your doctor first. The Scaddle lift takes about 30 minutes to an hour and only causes minor discomfort—meaning that no anesthesia is required. Straight after the treatment, the patient can get back to their day without any recovery time. The rejuvenating effect and regeneration of the skin are visible immediately. The result continues to improve in the first few weeks because the injected hyaluronic acid binds even more water in the skin.

Scaddle Plus

We also offer the Scaddle lift technology in the ‘Scaddle Lift Plus Proteins’ treatment, which is even more effective in the long term. This is a procedure using your own blood. The Scaddle lift is carried out in combination with the body’s own healing substances. After blood has been taken, the white blood cells are stimulated, while the production of anti-inflammatory proteins and regenerative substances is activated. These are responsible for increased collagen and anti-interleukin production, protecting our skin from chronic inflammation, something that is also a contributing factor in skin aging. Hyaluronic acid, injected during the Scaddle lift, is added to this protein mixture.

Choosing the right type of Scaddle lift or wrinkle treatment, or deciding on a targeted volume boost or Botox® treatment, is based on the needs of the individual and will be assessed by
Dr. Sturm during your first consultation.

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