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The thread lift is a new option in non-surgical dermatology, where dissolvable threads are used in the fatty tissue exerting traction under the skin. After a few days the underlying skin structure is stabilized due to a natural process called fibrosis.



Lymphatic drainage is another treat­ment we offer in our spa. A manual treatment to stimulate the lymphatic system in the face to support and boost the natural detox process, which is also effective against edema or puffiness in the face. An added plus: the treatment is also a wonderfully relaxing treat for the senses.

August 2014


The iconic Dorchester Hotel, a symbol for luxury and premium customer service has been setting benchmarks for decades when it comes to looking after and pampering their guests. more

This makes the Dorchester Hotel in London the first luxury hotel to offer a treatment series that is working on the molecular instead of a superficial level. Allow yourself to indulge in our products and services à la Dr. Sturm in the Dorchester Spa and prepare for a night out in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Luxury hotel meets Luxury brand. As a pioneer in offering medical and cosmetic treatments in their SPA, the Dorchester in London’s Park Lane represents new luxury standards made in Germany. Dr. Sturm’s skincare line and treatments are now available there. The Dorchester Spa boasts typical British colonial style interiors, combining Art Deco 1930s glamor with state-of-the-art design. After a complete refurbishment in 2009 it has been re-opened and offers spacious treatment rooms where guests and patients can leave their working day behind and enjoy a new and innovative spa experience.

Molecular Cosmetics by Dr. Sturm now has its own treatment area in the very luxurious environment of The Dorchester Spa, which is equipped and furnished in Dr. Sturm’s very own style. As part of the treatment we offer the same products and use the same devices we already use with resounding success in our clinic in Duesseldorf. With this cooperation The Dorchester wants to offer more innovative beauty treatments than the standard luxury spas. The acquisition of the already successfully used concept in the Duesseldorf Spa with Dr. Sturm’s holistic approach, provides even more value to a stay at the Dorchester for its guests. Dr. Sturm’s spa treatments are a welcome addition to the Dorchester Spa’s beauty menu with treatments that are so much more than just skin deep. One of the treatments on offer is a type of mesotherapy in which hyaluronic acid, combined with Purslane – an anti-aging power ingredient – is carefully worked into the skin with the help of little needles. The Dorchester Spa also offers all the products of the Dr. Sturm skincare range.



Thanks to ultrasound and our new ultherapy treatment, we can now lift and firm your face without the need for surgery. Ultherapy is especially suited for areas where injections are less effective. Typical problems that can be treated gently and effectively are so-called ‘hamster cheeks’ or ‘turkey neck.’