All spa treatments have been carefully selected by Dr. Sturm with one aim in mind: skin rejuvenation. Naturally atuned to the essential needs of the skin.

In our Molecular Spa we provide first-class cosmetic treatments that complement our clinic’s medical aesthetic range of therapies perfectly. Structure, quality and the general health of your skin is paramount for your overall appearance, and a decisive factor in how old or youthful you appear. This is where our Dr. Sturm Spa Treatments can make a major impact. In developing her methods Dr. Sturm has placed a clear focus on skin rejuvenation, firming, toning and cell regeneration. The selected methods – diamond microdermabrasion, mesotherapy and ultrasound – can be combined in different ways to boost the positive results. They are ideal for all skin types and for men and women from 35 years of age.
Dr. Sturm’s cosmetic treatments constitute a new generation of spa treatments, which, unlike previous treatments, can reach deeper layers of the skin and cells, nourishing them from within, as well as positively affecting the structure of the surface area. For example in our mesotherapy treatment, where fine needles are used to help nourishing substances reach the deeper dermis, while molecules of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid can simultaneously work on the skin’s surface area.
The Molecular Cosmetics Spa concept utilizes the most effective and at the same time most gentle anti-aging substances; the treatments have an intensely rejuvenating effect, creating a fresh youthful complexion, deeply cleansing and detoxifying the skin as well as also being wonderfully relaxing.