Targeted filling of wrinkles caused by dryness with non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid

A gentle, preventative and refreshing therapy that works from within the skin

Classic mesotherapy is a skin care therapy that works from the inside out. The treatment aims to improve the overall quality of the skin, enhancing the appearance of the face. That’s why we recommend mesotherapy for those first fine lines, tired-looking skin or to repair minor damage caused by smoking and sunlight. Mesotherapy is also particularly effective for preemptive counteraction of normal aging.

Why is hyaluronic acid utilized in mesotherapy treatments? Can other active ingredients be used?

Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in the body, where it stimulates the cell renewal process and stores water. This allows the skin to regenerate, revitalize and renew itself. There are many underlying factors that lead to a tired-looking complexion including the natural aging process and daily life stressors. Over time, our bodies produce less hyaluronic acid and the skin loses its elasticity, becomes limp, gray and tired-looking. This is particularly evident on the face, décolletage, and hands, which suffer the effects of excessive exposure to the sun, physical activity, and other external environmental influences. During the natural aging process the body is no longer sufficiently supplied with important nutrients for the skin to regenerate itself efficiently. This is where mesotherapy comes in as a preemptive or supportive measure, providing all the necessary ingredients to help the skin recover.

The active ingredients employed at Dr. Sturm are not only individually selected for the patient, but also optimally matched to the specific needs of the different skin zones, where we adapt the composition accordingly. That’s why we use our own selection of active ingredients at Dr. Sturm. So, for example, for the sensitive eye area, we apply a compound specifically tailored to moisturize and regenerate the type of delicate skin found there.

What types of mesotherapy are there?

In our clinic in Düsseldorf we offer two types of mesotherapy. The first consists of a deep-reaching mesolift specifically designed for lines and wrinkles caused by excessive dryness, where non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid (also available in combination with your body’s own proteins) is injected into the deeper layers of the skin. The second consists of a broad-spectrum micro-needling treatment where the entire face is deeply moisturized using a mesoPen, which contains a rich serum of hyaluronic acid. A personal consultation with Dr. Sturm or our beautician Christina Bruckhaus will provide you with the information you need to choose the therapy that is right for you.

Mesotherapy—the treatment for improved skin quality

The selection of active ingredients used in mesotherapy are based on innovative combinations of different nutrients and active ingredients, individually selected for you, the patient, to protect your skin from cellular aging, damage from UV light and free radicals. The overall appearance of the skin is improved, fine wrinkles are smoothed, while collagen production and cell renewal are stimulated. The treated skin is left more resilient, clearly gaining in elasticity and better equipped to bind moisture to the skin. With hyaluronic acid as its main ingredient, supplemented with other important nutrients, mesotherapy provides your skin with maximum moisture content and stimulates cell renewal processes. For optimum results a basic regeneration course of six weekly treatments is recommended. The mesolift should also be carried out every two months.