Can you feel hyaluronic acid in tissue or even see it?

Sometimes you hear of cases in which, after hyaluronic acid treatments, small knots can be felt under the skin or the hyaluronic acid itself shines through in a bluish color. This happens when the hyaluronic acid is not injected in the right skin layer. It is important that an experienced doctor decides which hyaluronic acid product to use depending on the patient’s skin quality. Depending on the application, there are various types of acidfrom Restylane to Juvedermin different shapes and sizes. Hyaluronic acid is like a water gel, completely harmless and builds up over time. Injected into the right layer and in the right way, hyaluronic acid is not visible and cannot be felt.

But I don't want to end up with huge lips ...

All too often, discouraging examples of pumped-up lips are shown in the media. These unfortunate cases generally give the impression that injected lips results always result in an exaggerated and jarring impression. With increasing age, we lose a massive amount of tissue in the upper lip area. The lip has a collapsed appearance, looks old and lipstick runs into wrinkles. With the right technique and the right substances, the lip can be augmented successfully, providing natural-looking fullness and contour. Patients are often very surprised at the rejuvenating effect on the entire face as a result of treating the lips.