Doctor & Team


In addition to her work as a doctor, Dr. Barbara Sturm is also active in medical research. She is committed to providing her patients with the most improved and innovative treatment techniques. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm is an internationally renowned specialist in aesthetic medicine and specializes in non-surgical rejuvenating skin treatments, wrinkle treatments and anti-aging. Dr. Barbara Sturm studied medicine and sports in Bochum, Essen and Düsseldorf. She wrote her doctorate in the field of orthopedics. Dr. Sturm systematically transferred the scientific findings in molecular orthopedics to the skin and dermatology, because skin cells and cartilage cells function in a very similar manner. In collaboration with scientists from Pittsburgh and Harvard, Dr. Sturm has developed a cosmetic concept for skin care based on a medical understanding. Molecular Cosmetics in an approach, which focuses on the therapeutic use of the body’s own proteins in the field of skin regeneration and anti-aging.

Ulrike Deucker is a fully qualified Medicinal Aesthetics Consultant and has been working alongside Dr. Sturm since 2002. She coordinates and schedules appointment dates, manages daily operations at the clinic and brings a great deal of experience and passion to the job. As the first point of contact for you as a client, Ulrike Deucker is also the person who will meet you at reception, using her expertise and competence to answer your questions and ensure your well-being.

Claudia Danners, born in 1980, studied sociology, communication and politics in Düsseldorf and brings her vocational experience gained as an assistant at BMW, in the publishing sector and in project management, to bear on her post. She is a genuine all-rounder and has been assisting Dr. Barbara Sturm since early 2010 in the wide and diverse range of tasks associated with her activity as a practicing and researching medical specialist, helping to develop of her concept for the future of the clinic. This enables Dr. Sturm to focus even more on her clients and on her professional work.

Philipp Kemkes has studied communication and media management in Iserlohn. He gained his experiences in the concert industry as a junior project manager, in the marketing and PR department of a large communications company and in textile sales & distribution. Philipp manages our international VIP and key accounts and supports the team in PR work and event planning. 

Christina Bruckhaus heads our "Molecular Spa" and carries out our cosmetic treatments with great competence. Christina Bruckhaus completed her 3-year apprenticeship as a dermatological specialist at the Berufskolleg in Krefeld. Since then, she has been able to gather relevant experience in the field of holistic cosmetics and specializes in: cleansing, skin diagnostics, microdermabrasion, laser and mesotherapies and special massages, such as lymph drainage.