Treatment zones

An overview of treatment zones and therapy options

Many of the patients who come to us are amazed at the parts of the face and body we can rejuvenate using simple, gentle, yet sophisticated methods. Patients are impressed time and again at the incredible difference these treatments can make in their appearance and overall radiance. For a non-professional it can be difficult to know which options are most suitable, making it all the more important that you have access to detailed information. Here is an overview of our range of treatments, specifically addressing individual parts of the body:

Your eyes are the determining factor when it comes to facial expression. The delicate skin around the eyes and temples start to sag with age. As a result, eyes appear tired and smaller. Using a combination of Botox® and hyaluronic acid, this gentle method gives eyebrows a lift, opens up the eyes and generally gives the face a more positive look. The eyebrow lift is ideal in combination with the frown line treatment. more

Drooping eyebrows can also be toned and lifted with the help of ultrasound (Ultherapy®). After a personal consultation we can advise you on the most suitable methods for your needs. 

Your eyes are the determining factor when it comes to facial expression. The delicate skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive, which is why age-related changes appear here first. Dark circles under the eye create a tired impression. Wrinkles around the eyes, such as crow’s feet, can often appear charming at first, but as they deepen over the years they become more of a problem. Drooping eyelids or bags under the eyes rob the eyes of their bright and alert expression. We offer the following options for treatment of the eye area: more

The area around our eyes is very delicate—the skin is thinner and more susceptible to damage. That’s why age-related changes are usually visible here first, whether in the form of fine lines and wrinkling, bags under the eyes or shadows. Certain problems such as dark rings and bags under the eyes tend to be genetic but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference to this sensitive area with some simple lifestyle changes. If you do have a natural tendency to dark rings and/or puffiness under your eyes, make sure you get enough sleep, drink alcohol sparingly and avoid stress. When it comes to treating the eye area, combination treatments are usually the best choice. Hyaluronic acid, introduced to the skin as part of a liquid lift, with additional Botulinum toxin injections, ensures a radiant, beautiful and youthful-looking eye area. A further noninvasive treatment for refreshing the eye region and reducing lines around the eyes and early telltale wrinkles is mesotherapy, which utilizes active ingredients that are ideally suited for this area. This treatment supplies the skin around the eye with eleven different active ingredients in addition to hyaluronic acid, ensuring shining eyes, improved elasticity, and overall providing a vitalized expression.

The delicate skin of the décolletage loses elasticity and youthful smoothness as a result of external influences such as sunlight as well as age-related skin changes. Cleavage creasing can be smoothed using various effective methods. We recommend both ultherapy® and mesotherapy as suitable options.

The skin of the décolletage is thin and sensitive, and it is often exposed to sun and wind. Some women have a natural tendency to early signs of creasing in their décolletage. During movement, the breasts tug at the thin skin of the décolletage, and if you lie on your side during sleep, the weight of your upper breast on the lower one can also cause vertical wrinkles. The décolletage is an area that can be effectively rejuvenated. Depending on the extent of damage, Dr. Sturm can treat the area with Botox®, mesotherapy, liquid lifts or by increasing volume. As part of a liquid lift, a mesotherapy or the addition of Voluma SubQ using the new pix'L needle, this sensitive area can easily be boosted, adding resilience, and creating a smoother, refreshed and rejuvenated look.

In order to ensure the overall effect of your rejuvenated face remains consistent, we usually recommend including the neck in your treatment. The neck is still considered the hardest-to-treat area. Using a combination of Botox®, lipolysis and mesotherapy, necklines can be smoothed and the neck streamlined. more

The neck presents itself as somewhat of a hurdle for dermal filling, partly because treatment in this area requires extensive experience. On top of that, the neck is usually ignored in terms of skincare, while the face is the focus of a daily beauty regimen early on in life. But the neck’s skin is quite thin and sensitive and so is predisposed to creasing and lines. Wrinkles occur on the neck mainly due to the use of expressive muscle movements, through loss of fatty tissue and with increasing age, through environmental factors such as sunlight, due to gravity and of course genetic predisposition. Just as the causes are varied, so are the treatments we offer. We rejuvenate the neck with a combination of Botox®, lipolysis and mesotherapy. With the aid of the pix’L needle the neck region is boosted with an even layer of fine hyaluronic acid, an uncomplicated procedure causing virtually no discomfort, and leaving the skin wonderfully smooth and supple. Mesotherapy provides elasticity and refills the skin’s moisture reserve. Botox® relaxes the supporting neck muscles and smooths expression lines. Over time a double chin can also form in the upper neck area. These fatty tissues under the skin can be banished in a targeted way using lipolysis (fat-dissolving injection).

The backs of your hands show your age the most. The very thin skin on the hands is extremely susceptible to the effects of sun, water, work, etc. Our effective hand rejuvenation treatment refreshes and rejuvenates tired, old-looking hands. more

Many patients also suffer from increased sweating on the palms of the hand. To combat this we recommend a simple Botox® treatment. It is often said that you can tell the real age of a person from their hands. The backs of your hands have thin, sensitive skin, with little fatty tissue to protect them, making them even more susceptible to wrinkling. Sun, wind and rain, cleaning, washing hands, all these things challenge our hands and naturally leave their mark on the skin, accelerating the aging process. Yet aside from the face and neck, your hands are the most noticeable part of your body. With the new high-tech injection needle a thin protective, smoothing layer of hyaluronic acid can be injected into the backs of the hands, which gives them a visibly rejuvenated effect! To revitalize the skin of the hands, mesotherapy is an ideal treatment, where hyaluronic acid is combined with endogenous active ingredients, introduced into the skin by microinjection.

Sagging or pouching at the corners of the mouth (jowls) makes a face look unfriendly and unnecessarily old. With increasing age, the chin loses its clear contours, leading to what is often known as a ‘strawberry chin.’ With our gentle methods, we can perform a natural reconstruction of the chin and lift hanging jowls or drooping corners of the mouth. more

In order to stop painful teeth grinding or to streamline a face that has changed from heart-shaped to square due to the increased mass of the masticatory muscle, we recommend our bruxism treatment. This treatment involves Botox® being injected into the masticatory muscle, causing atrophy (shrinkage of the muscle), which relieves not only the jaw joint, but also has a positive effect on your face shape. Small fat deposits under the chin can be easily resolved with lipolysis (a fat-dissolving injection). With advancing age the chin loses volume. The so-called ‘strawberry chin,’ unattractive ‘marionette’ lines and their accompanying hamster cheeks are the unwanted side effects. It doesn’t have to be that way! In a combination treatment of Botox® and hyaluronic acid, injected with the pix’L needle, your chin can be smoothed and the contours of the lower jaw will become streamlined again. The hollow areas either side of the chin are elegantly restructured. Treatment of the chin has an enormous knock-on effect on the freshness and youthfulness of the face. Many blood vessels, which are difficult to spot beforehand, run along the chin, and this means that the use of generic sharp needles may lead to bruising, which can last for up to a week. But thanks to the pix’L needle we can minimize this unwanted side effect: tissue trauma and hematoma are much less common. The double chin can usually be dealt with by lipolysis.

Fat can also accumulate on and around the knees. There isn’t much you can do to influence these deposits, even with exercise. Lipolysis, the injection of a fat-dissolving substance, is a great alternative to liposuction.

Lips lose their youthful plumpness and sensual expression over time. Around the upper and lower lip, wrinkles occur and are often accentuated by smoking, excessive sunlight or other environmental factors that are harmful to the skin. These are not over-the-top lip fillers, but a natural, discreet and enhancing lip rejuvenation treatment. more

Many people will find that their lips lose fullness over time. The mouth is in constant motion and the lips start to pucker, allowing lipstick to bleed, while the corners of the mouth turn downward. Hyaluronic acid, introduced above the lip, provides the lips with a streamlined contour, lifts the corners of the mouth and gives the face an impressive overall rejuvenated effect. Lost or missing volume of the lips can be replaced by hyaluronic acid. At the same time, lip wrinkles disappear. We like beautiful natural-looking mouths, so don’t worry about ending up with overly inflated lips. Giving lips an expert boost requires moderation and sensitive addition of volume. For lip rejuvenation the company Allergan has a new dermal hyaluronic filler called Juvederm Volbella, which we are really excited about. The hyaluronic gel is, to date, the easiest to form, extremely pliant, and ideally suited for the lip region. Since the introduction of this product there have been almost no cases of swelling. With this very supple hyaluronic acid gel we can balance out asymmetries, fill out wrinkles (marionette lines and lip wrinkles) and lift the corners of the mouth, restoring a positive expression to your face. The effect lasts up to 12 months. After treatment the local anesthetic mixed into the hyaluronic acid makes the results look somewhat ‘puffier’ initially. But by the next day the body will have broken down the anesthetic to reveal the actual results.

Rhinoplasty is possible even without surgery. An uneven nose bridge or unattractive nasal tip can be treated with our modern injection methods. The effects of our non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment last for approximately a year and a half. A drooping tip, an irregular bridge, a light bump or a lopsided nose can be corrected in 15 minutes without an operation and just one injection. We use hyaluronic acid for this. The discomfort is minimal. The substance is injected exactly above the spot where volume is missing or needs to be evened out allowing us to shape the nose accordingly with the hyaluronic acid. The effect is visible immediately and the effects remain visible for around 18 months.

Earlobes lose their fullness and elasticity with age and earrings stretch them even more over the course of time. We offer visible earlobe rejuvenation using hyaluronic acid injected into the lobes. more

Over time, earlobes lose their volume and plumpness, the skin loses its elasticity, and as a result they droop. The weight of earrings can also add to this problem, and so, as we age, their shape changes and wrinkles appear. An operation is often completely unnecessary. Earlobes can be plumped up and restructured using hyaluronic acid. The earlobes are then returned to their firm youthfulness and earrings ‘sit’ in the right place again instead of pulling the lobe downward.

Forehead wrinkles occur due to the activities of the forehead muscle. When the brow muscle contracts, it lifts the eyebrows and forehead. Due to the upward movement, lateral wrinkles are caused, which over time remain visible, even when the forehead is in its relaxed state. more

Additionally the face loses tone in that area, pushing the eyebrows lower. Those affected with lowered eyebrows, or with droopy eyelids have a tendency to tense their forehead muscles in order to raise their eyebrows. 

Instead of a complete facelift, simply restoring cheek volume leads to a rejuvenation of the face. We plump up the cheeks in the cheekbone area and enhance their contours. This automatically firms up the central facial area. Youthful, attractive, rounded cheeks and great cheekbones are the result, and sagging corners of the mouth are also raised in the process. more

With increasing age our face loses volume in the cheeks, or the remaining tissue moves gradually downward. The sunken cheeks press downward, emphasizing nasolabial folds and eye lines as they go. With the help of hyaluronic acid, cheeks can be rebuilt perfectly and the cheekbones accentuated. Beautiful plump contoured cheeks appear youthful and fresh providing a sensational rejuvenative affect. The pix’L needle is the perfect tool for this. It has a rounded tip and on entry it divides the skin tissue instead of penetrating it. That makes the treatment less painful and the risk of tissue damage and bruising less likely. In addition, the needle ensures sensationally even results; your cheeks will look natural and youthful. A great side effect of adding volume to the cheeks is the disappearance of indentations and furrows in this area.